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A weekend of adventure

Endurance, Precision and Adrenaline, those are the key characteristics of Mercedes-Benz’s luxury SUVs. And those that went for the event experienced a taste for adventure.
Last week, Mercedes-Benz Malaysia launched their newest range of luxury SUVs, namely GLC, GLE and GLE Coupé. To give a chance for one and all to get up close and personal with these magnificent machines, Mercedes-Benz held a gala of an event at the KL Performing Arts Centre, better known as KLPAC, from 15 to 17 January 2016.
Called Hungry for Adventure, the event aimed to give visitors a taste of what each SUV stands for, with character appropriate activities which were designed around three attributes — Endurance, Precision and Adrenaline.
The activities that surrounded the GLC, which represented Endurance, were centred on challenging the participants to go the distance. Participants had a choice of either getting on the bike for the Power-Cycling Competition or scale a 40-foot rock-climbing wall. Most did both. Those who took the Power-Cycling Competition also stood a chance to win a unique test drive of one of the SUVs with Mercedes-Benz.
Embodying Precision, the Mercedes-Benz GLE gave the participants a chance to put their best photograph forward. Participants had to use their creative eye to use light and detail to capture a slice of the action during the event. Once shot, participants had to upload it on Instagram and Facebook with the hashtag #hungryforadventure. Winners, who will be notified at a later date, stand a chance to win a unique test drive with Mercedes-Benz and a Ricoh camera.
For those who wanted more Adrenaline, which the GLE Coupé represented, found excitement in high places. A massive bungee trampoline and the flying fox was specially prepared to satisfy the people who only feel alive high in the sky. 
While the on-ground activities were on-going, visitors also took the chance to test-drive the new GLC, GLE and GLE Coupé. Mercedes-Benz Malaysia has also made sure to include activities for the youngsters so everybody can easily turn their #hungryforadventure weekend into a family outing as well.
That’s not all. The event was also well-attended by a number of celebrities and key leaders such as Yasmin Hani, Ning Baizura, Frederick Lee, Valerie Ong, Sam Tan, Bryan Loo, Vincent Ho, Elizabeth Tan, Patricia K, Shawn Lee, Joe Flizzow and Jinnyboy.
If you couldn’t make it to KLPAC over the weekend, you still have more chances to catch Mercedes-Benz’s new generation in the flesh. The GLC, GLE and GLE Coupé will be touring Peninsula Malaysia, details as shown below. Now, there’s no excuse not to catch them.
20-24 Jan 2016 1Utama Mall
22-24 Jan 2016 Teo Soon Loong Seafood Restaurant, Malacca
28-31 Jan 2016 Paradigm Shopping Mall, Petaling Jaya
29-31 Jan 2016 Ayer Keroh Country Club, Malacca
18-21 Feb 2016 Gurney Paragon, Penang