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WATCH: When Donald Cheah meets David Coulthard…

When Mercedes-Benz Malaysia launched the Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe, they invited a special guest, former Formula 1 racing driver and current F1 pundit, David Coulthard. Has it been eight years since the Scotsman left Formula 1 entirely? Yes, it has been eight years but you and I both know that the man is not done with F1 just yet.

We all know that DC is now the owner of the media company that produces his own Formula 1 show but how about is he living his fabulous life now? That’s what our very own Donald Cheah (a.k.a DC) tried to find out.
DC also tried to find out what Coulthard thought about the C-Class Coupe and a little bit about what he thinks about Formula 1 at the moment.

So this is what happened when DC met DC: