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Watch Romain Grosjean put the Jaguar XF through its paces

Romain Grosjean may be driving for HAAs at the moment but when the French driver gets a little free time he was asked to officiate Jaguar’s “Art of Performance” tour by putting the Jaguar XF on a crash course created by the Jaguar team.

Jaguar is calling the course the “Smart Cone” course, as the cones littered around the tarmac will record the precise co-ordinates as the car is driven in relation to the cones and sent to a central computer system 100 times per second to track the XF’s performance. Every driver gets a score report that takes into account the model of the cars driven, the driving conditions and even the weather!
Simply said, the course is like the sports agility training game “Batak” that F1 drivers use to test train their reaction timing, only this is driven rather than just pushing a button. Even Grosjean found the challenge to be difficult and he recorded a 49,032.

Jaguar drivers will be challenging Grosjean’s score when they enter their cars into the tour. Good luck!

Jerrica Leong