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UMW Toyota Motor adds another factory

At a press conference held recently in Kuala Lumpur, the big wigs of Toyota Motor Corporation and UMW Toyota Motor jointly announced that they will be adding a second manufacturing plant in Malaysia. The investment for the new plant is approximately RM2million, the receipt includes land, building and equipment.
The new 670,000sqm manufacturing plant will be located in Bukit Raja Industrial Estate in Klang, which puts it only 10km from Port Klang. The plant will incorporate the equipment and machinery necessary to produce cars that would meet the requirements of future models, including meeting the requirements for a car to earn the EEV status in Malaysia.
The new plant is also made to be eco-friendly by way of solar panels, water-based painting system and lush greenery throughout the site. And, it will also serve to become the venue of human capital training and skill enhancement. 
UMWT’s current plant in Shah Alam will continue operations and part of the current passenger car line will be moved to Bukit Raja. The Shah Alam plant will undergo improvement works and streamline its production so it will mainly produce commercial vehicles. The Bukit Raja plant has an initial target of producing 50,000 units annually. The number will increase to approximately 90,000 to 100,000 units annually when both plants are operational.