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Tune in to Ford’s new documentary series!

We all know that the Ford Ranger is tough but the question is: how tough? Ford sent a number of their engineers to find out just that. But finding out isn’t enough, Ford wants the world to witness it with them as well so they even sent a film crew to follow the engineers around as they proof it.

The footage the film crew collected will be arranged into a three-episode online documentary series titled Built Ford Tough. Each episode of the documentary will be set against the backdrop of either towering concrete pylons, deep in the fields of a Thai jungle or rutted mountain tracks, all specifically chosen to test the Ford Ranger’s skills.
Ford will be launching the documentary next week, the first episode will feature the outer limits of the Ranger’s load box while the second episode will see the Ranger forced to tow a massive load. For the third episode, the Ford Engineers submerged the pick-up grille deep into water to test its water wading abilities while the fourth will test the Ranger’s endurance.

“We spent years engineering the new Ranger and it is designed to withstand conditions beyond what could be considered normal use,” said Ian Foston, global chief program engineer for the Ford Ranger. “For this documentary series, we decided to take those tests to the next level, and see just how well the Ranger holds up in some of the roughest conditions we could imagine.”

Stay tuned to catch the Ford Ranger’s performance in these episodes that Ford has taken such care to film and create for us to witness their best-selling pick-up’s abilities!

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