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Perodua Tweckbot is back for Hari Raya!

Now that we’re less than a month away from Ramadan and Aidil Fitri, Perodua restarts the Tweckbot programme and invites all to send their car in for a quick check-up before they balik kampung.

Perodua started the Tweckbot programme back in 2010 to offer Perodua owners free 50-point checks before they commute back to their respective families. The company used the social network to announce where and when the Tweckbot team will set up shop to welcome all to send in their cars for inspection.
The 50-point safety check will take 10-15 minutes, the Tweckbot team will perform the following:
  • engine check,
  • transmission check,
  • coolant system (include coolant level as well as fan and temperature),
  • brake system check (include brake fluid and brake pad wear),
  • power steering system check,
  • clutch system check, tyre check,
  • suspension system check,
  • electrical system check (include battery, lights and wiper checks) and
  • engine diagnosis.
In conjunction of the programme, Perodua is also offering a 20 per cent discount for parts and accessories to those whose vehicles are found in need of repair. All the owners need to do is send their vehicles to the service branches and dealers. Perodua Circle members will receive an extra ten per cent discount as well.

Note that the Tweckbot team will only perform an inspection on the cars. Should the team find any parts on the vehicle that needs replacing or repairing, the owners are recommended to send their cars back to the service centres to carry out the repairs.

While your cars are getting serviced, Perodua customers are encouraged to sign up as an UFirst member by registering with the UFirst team. The UFirst programme was introduced in August 2015 to reward customers for their trust and loyalty.

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Jerrica Leong