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Mitsubishi reports massive sales growth!

It seems, the Outlander is Mitsubishi’s lucky charm, not only has there already been 300 units booked, reserved and ready to be delivered to owners, it had brought on massive sales numbers to other models under the Mitsubishi brand as well.

Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia is proud to announce that the company has experienced a 68 per cent sales increase in the month of March which grew from 696 units in February to 1173 units in total!

The sales number is led by the all-new Mitsubishi Triton, the surged in sales saw a total of 716 units finding owners compared to 429 units in February. That is a 67 per cent increase for the Triton, MMM is also proud to announce that the Triton has recorded the second highest sales in the pick-up segment for March.
Mitsubishi’s locally assembled compact SUV also contributed to the massive sales increase. The brand’s best-seller logged a total of 207 units finding owners in March compared to the 170 units sold in February, recording a 22 per cent increase in sales.

With already 300 units booked, MMM looks like they will be hitting their sales target of 100 units per month for the Outlander with a breeze. Expect more sales growth now that MMM has officially launched their new seven-seater SUV.

Jerrica Leong