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Mercedes-Benz Malaysia gives back

Unknown to most, Mercedes-Benz has been active within various initiatives that support the growth and development of the Malaysian society. Today, the company reaffirms the commitment to continue support by contributing over RM200,000 for the greater good. The areas of road safety, arts and culture, and education received the contribution.

Dr. Claus Weidner, Mercedes-Benz Malaysia President and CEO, said, “CSR is part of our commitment to the Malaysian community. We want to be an enabler for future generations, and contribute to the community in a meaningful way. It is when we help those who are in need that we are truly making a difference in the world. Today marks the launch of a campaign which we hope will enrich the lives of the various groups involved.”

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia, with Driven Communications, is continuing the MobileKids initiative. Launched last year, MobileKids aims to educate families on road safety and enables parents to rent car child seats. Last year, 110 child car seats have been rented out and another 135 will be rented out this year. This brings the total contribution to 245 child car seats.
Being a patron of the arts and culture, Mercedes-Benz Malaysia announced an additional sponsorship of RM120,000 to KLPac. As one of the founding sponsors, MBM has contributed over RM1.2million to the Malaysian performing arts scene.

Over 200 units of pre-owned computers have found new lives in schools and non-profit organization. This year, to continue enriching student’s learning experience, Mercedes-Benz has put 50 computers each in Teach for Malaysia and Monfort Boys Town while three vernacular primary schools will each receive 35 computers.

As they do every year, Mercedes-Benz will continue to bring festive joy to underprivileged children. The company will also support its employees involved in a beach cleaning project later this year as well as support their employees who are taking part in the Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon. As a corporate sponsor of the event, MBM will be donating RM20,000 to Hospis Malaysia.

Dr. Weidner said that the company is delighted to do their part in contributing towards the growth of the nation by supporting and aiding the communities in achieving its fullest potential.   

Chris Ng