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Honda HRV now available in a new colour

28,500 units on the road later, Honda introduces a new colour for the HRV

Good news! Another B-segment Honda joins the red invasion. The Honda HRV now comes in Dark Ruby Red Pearl and bigger wheel sizes! Since the launch in February last year, the Honda HRV has been receiving love from all corners of the country and 28,500 units later, Honda Malaysia has decided to add more spice to the car.
The decision to introduce the Dark Ruby Red Pearl HRV was due to the well-received response for the Honda City and the Honda Jazz. Along with the new colour, the brand is also offering up a new set of 17-inch rims for the HRV to put on. The bigger wheel size is available on all three variants of the HRV.

Honda Malaysia is hoping to see 1500 units find owners monthly and the company has high hopes that the new colour choice will help them achieve their monthly target. Dark Ruby Red Pearl will join the other colours that are already on sale for the HRV; Taffeta White, Modern Steel Metallic and Ruse Black Metallic.

Don’t worry, although the waiting list is still as long as the queue in Sushi Zanmai, Honda Malaysia promises that they will keep the waiting period for the car between 1-2 months. The company will be increasing its production of their well-loved crossover.

Other than the new colour and wheel size, there is also a new “Rear Shelf” on offer as an optional accessory for the HRV owners. The shelf is priced at RM550 and is available at all 88 Honda dealerships nationwide.

Jerrica Leong

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