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Friday Fives: Stop and Stare concept cars at the 2016 Beijing Auto Show

We’re serving up a double dose of Friday Fives this week! Because there is just so much to see, hear, and admire when this Content Producer was exploring the show. I thanked my stars I wore my Nikes as I went from one hall to another to take a look at all the cars that were on display!

My previous post was about the concept cars that were created by Chinese automakers, click here to read, so this post is dedicated to the concepts that were created by international car manufacturers either for the world or specifically for the Chinese market.

Well it doesn’t matter if they will be coming to life or not, or if they do come to life but won’t make it to tarmacs of other countries, they’re all eye-candies so here’s the top five we’ve spied at the 2016 Beijing Auto Show.
BMW Compact Sedan concept

We’re still trying to justify why BMW has decided to give their famed hatchback series a tail and move the drive from the rear to the front wheels, but it is as futile as trying to figure out why they “Gran Tourered” the 2 Series. So we’ve given up because the Compact Sedan looks very good indeed. Then again, we figured that this will be a China only model if it ever becomes a production model as China is a very sedan loving country.

Volkswagen T-Prime Concept

Like the world over, the billion over people in China are not immune to the crossover/ SUV attraction. Hence the importance of introducing the T-Prime Concept at the 2016 Beijing Auto Show. This is going to be a brand new model for Volkswagen and will slot itself firmly above the Touareg. We’re going to bet that the two giants (SAIC and FAW) that sells VW vehicles in China are already fighting over the rights to put this car into production.

Infiniti QX Sports Inspiration

The SUV love affair continues with this Infiniti QX Sports Inspiration concept. The concept car is the brand’s vision of the next-generation, mid-size premium SUV. It has the brand’s signature design cues to make it unmistakable as part of its family.

Lexus LF-FC

That grille… while its big, there is just something about the car that makes you admire it! The LF-FC is not a stranger to those who have been keeping up with all the motor shows since Tokyo but it just cuts a striking presence wherever it went. We wonder what will happen if the LF-FC comes to life, it’s going to be terror to see that grille breathing down your neck!

Buick Avista

3.0-litre twin turbo V6, eight speed automatic, rear wheel drive, twin exhaust outlets! Yeap, the Avista has got all the numbers to attract the craziest muscle car lover, it’s got the bulky looks to match as well. While it’s not a new launch, the Avista still grabs the eye and forces you to stare until the cleaner flicks a load of pollen off the car and into your face.
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Jerrica Leong