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Friday Fives: The awesome concepts at the 2016 Beijing Auto Show

The main reason we’re here is because of the world premiere of the Mazda CX-4, but Mazda was kind enough to let us explore around and sooth our metal beast loving souls. There were eight halls, and each hall measures the same distance as Midvalley’s Centre Court to the East Court, and they are certainly much wider!

The Beijing Auto Show is the second biggest Motor Show of the year, second only to Detroit! And more than 1000 cars were on display but the concept cars were the ones that stole the show! China has some awesome ideas to present to the world, like some of these concepts that we spied around the halls.

Changan Autonomous concept

This is a car that Chinese residents are probably quite used to seeing, even though there are so many cars on the roads it’s not easy to miss this chrome coloured sedan with a massive antenna on the top! The car has already completed a 1200 mile road trip and Chongqing Changan Automobile co. has high hopes the car will be launched in 2020.

Another autonomous car that China hopes to release to the world in the near future. Developed by Shanghai Auto (better known as SAIC), the car is based on MG’s GS Compact SUV, the “i” stands for the information, innovation, and intelligent. This car has also completed a crash course that forces the car to cruise, follow and overtake when travelling between speeds of 60-120kph. And this car actually looks good!

LeSEE electric concept supercar

LeEco’s LeSEE concept supercar is a cross between an Autonomous car and an EV. In fact, LeEco has already bravely challenged Elon Musk by firmly declaring the LeSEE is there to beat out the Tesla Model S! The car will be built by LeEco’s business partner Faraday Future near Las Vegas and the company hopes to see the first roll out in a few years’ time.

Roewe Vision-R concept

This car was created to give the brand, Roewe, a distinctive identity. The Vision-R might look like a sports car but Roewe has positioned it as a four-door sedan that is well balanced with a low stance. SAIC, which is the company that owns the brand, has specifically chosen a group of young designers to create the Vision-R to attract the new generation of car buyers.

Qiantu EV sports

The sportiest and most attractive concept yet! The Qiantu sports car you see here is actually the drop top version of the company’s K50 sports car. Our ears picked up that Qiantu is a company made up of car designers wanting to branch out, so no wonder the sleek beautiful lines of the car! And check out those rims! Too bad the K50 hard top will not be rolling out of the factory with those wheels when production starts later this year.

Jerrica Leong