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The employee of the month on a whole new level

A normal company may throw in a casual dinner for the employee of the month, quarterly achievers, perhaps a nearby getaway, at Basis Bay IT, they hand you the keys to a Lotus Evora.
By Arvind Kumar

Basis Bay is a pioneer in the fields of Green IT. What’s that you say? Well, Basis Bay complements businesses with sustainable internal framework that consists of Awareness, Initiative and Management (AIM) with regards to a company’s holistic IT needs. The company is built of firm pillars outlined in their Triple Bottom Line approach – People, Planet, Profit.
Well, that’s all good, but what about the Lotus Evora?

To maintain a fun yet competitive working culture and to make sure their employees don’t get caught up with all-work-no-play. Every quarter, Basis Bay treats its most outstanding employee with the satisfaction of driving a 276bhp, lightweight 2+2 sports car through the company gates.

Bona-fide petrol-head and man behind Basis Bay, Dato’ Praba Thiagarajah had this to say, “Work should be fun, as all of us spend so much of time of our productive years at work. This incentive is open to all Basis Bay employees in Malaysia regardless whether they are at management or executive level.” He also added that the award winning Lotus Evora is an exemplary high performance sports car and is the right reward for Basis Bay employees.

So who was the lucky staff member to walk away with the pricey key-fob? Basis Bay’s Director of Business Development, Akhil Gupta was named the inaugural top achiever was handed the keys to the Evora by none other than Malaysia’s Prince of Drift and Head of Lotus Cars Malaysia, Tengku Djan Ley Tengku Mahaleel.

Wondering if they have any vacancies yet?