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The Autohaus in the City Centre

Over RM7 million invested into the building that accommodates up to six showroom cars and 18 workbays, Mercedes-Benz Malaysia is proud to announce the opening of their brand new City Service located right smack inside of the capital.

MBM’s pursuit to give customers an unparalleled brand experience and customer service excellence continues with the opening of their new Autohaus. The Mercedes-Benz City Service adheres to the Mercedes-Benz Presentation System II (MPS), the benchmark of customer experience for each autohaus, MBM has included the Star Lounge, a café lounge that serves a wide selection of food and beverages, Wi-Fi connectivity and internet stations as well.

45 mechanics will man the 18 workbays and MBM hopes to see more than 50 vehicles serviced per day and up to 1100 vehicles per month. And to reinforce the brand’s commitment to quality and superior service, the Autohaus offers the newly introduced Mercedes-Benz Service Differentiation; The Star Lounge, Premier Express Service, Drop & Go, and Door to Door Service.
To be more specific, the Premier Express Service is a service that allows customers to get routine vehicle service maintenance within an hour with two technicians working simultaneously to complete the service precisely. The Drop & Go Service allows busy customers to just drop off their vehicles anytime outside business hours.

For those customers who couldn’t find the time to bring their vehicles to the service centre, a consultant from the City Service will pick up their vehicles and will return the vehicles once ready. Don’t worry, all vehicles under this option are fully insured so owners will have extra peace of mind when they allow the consultants to pick up their beloved rides.

“The new Mercedes-Benz City Service by Hap Seng Star is a testament of our strong commitment towards the Mercedes-Benz brand. It is our priority to offer an extraordinary luxury experience when our customers come into contact with the Mercedes-Benz brand. With the latest offering in retail and customer experience, we set a new standard in delivering high quality services in line with the Mercedes-Benz premium automotive experience,” explained Hap Seng Consolidated Berhad, Group Chief Operating Officer and Hap Seng Star Chief Executive, Mr Harald Behrend.

Jerrica Leong