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All you need to know about the new Shell Helix Engine Warranty

You’ve probably already heard all about the country’s first ever engine warranty from Shell, but if things are still murky for you we’re happy to offer you a quick all-you-need-to-know points to understand it easier!

The Shell Helix Engine Warranty (S.H.E.W) is valid for free for all who services their cars with Shell Helix Ultra with PurePlus Technology or for those who purchase the Shell Helix HX7. A little background about the Shell Helix Ultra: the engine oil is the first to feature the company’s revolutionary gas-to-liquid technology that converts natural gas into ultra clean and stable base oil.

Shell Helix HX7 on the other hand was designed to actively adapt to tough driving situations. With the help of the dynamic Flexi-Molecule Technology, the HX7 will help boost engine protection when it is needed most as the technology will form a protective barrier on critical engine parts to protect from too much wear and tear.
How much do you get to claim?

Shell Helix Ultra users can claim an amount of up to RM15,000 per claim while Shell HX7 users on the other hand will get to claim up to RM8000 of engine parts repair.

The engine warranty will cover the costs of repair or replacement for 15 engine components:
1.    Piston and piston rings
2.    Crankshaft and bearings
3.    Connecting rods
4.    Connecting rod bearings
5.    Gudgeon pin
6.    Valves
7.    Engine block
8.    Cylinder head
9.    Timing gear and chains
10.    Camshaft and bearings
11.    Cylinder liner / bore
12.    Turbocharger
13.    Cam followers
14.    Rocker arm and pivot
15.    Push rods and balance shaft

How do you sign up for the warranty?

If you have a car which is eight years old or less with a mileage count of less than 100,000km, all you need to do is to purchase a 4-litre pack of Shell Helix Ultra or Shell Helix HX7 motor oil at an authorised workshop. The workshop mechanics will determine whether the car in question is eligible and once pass the test they will collect a few simple customer details to enrol the customers for free.

You can also head to your nearest Shell station and purchase the motor oil of choice then make a call to Shell Helix Engine Warranty’s Customer Hotline (1800-18-1855). If you’re tech savvy then just head to to self-register yourself!

Shell will send an SMS confirmation to inform the customers when they are eligible for the warranty and the Warranty will start 30 days or 1000km after the enrolment. Shell will also be sending you reminders one month before you are due for servicing your car.

Making the Claim

To make a claim, just call up Shell’s Customer Hotline and a representative will arrange an assessment at the nearest panel workshop to ascertain the issue is linked to the engine oil. Shell claims the assessment will take a week to receive an approval to ensure the convenience of their day to day lives.

Jerrica Leong

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