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3M Malaysia introduces a new tint option

Available now in all authorised 3M AutoFilm Car Centres, 3M introduces their new security film, the 3M Scotchshield Crystalline Security AutoFilm.

Ge Quee Ann, General Manager of Electronics & Energy Business, 3M Malaysia said, “In light of the daunting statistics of car break-in cases in Malaysia, safety features of window films are becoming increasingly important; in response to this need, we are proud to provide Malaysians with a solution that provides not just excellent solar heat rejection but also effective deterrent to smash-and-grab perpetrator.”

The 3M Scotchshield Crystalline Security AutoFilm window film that measure at 0.1mm with tensile strength that can withstand up to 25,000psi and features Multi-layer Optical Film technology that combines over 200 layers in a film. Although it has security features such as this, the film is still no thicker than a Post-it Note. Thanks to the many layers that rejects different wavelengths of solar energy, the film provides up to 97 per cent Infrared Radiation Rejection and up to 66 per cent Total Solar Energy Rejection (TSER).
Other than that, the Scotchshield Crystalline Security film also retains the benefits of the much loved 3M AutoFilm such as 99.9 per cent Ultraviolet Rejection (UVR) protection with an effective Solar Protection Factor level of over 1000.

But apart from the superior heat rejection properties, the new film is also engineered to be tougher to enhance safety and security for the occupants. As a strong deterrent to smash-and-grab perpetrator the film holds shattered glass together with aggressive safety film adhesive which will help minimise the risk of injuries and slows down vehicle break-in attempts.

Don’t worry, 3M’s new film might be engineered to be tougher and stronger but the film still allows up to 69 per cent of Visible Light Transmission (VLT) and is manufactured as a non-dyed film, hence there is no risk of the film turning purple or fading. The film is also not non-metalized, allowing occupants to stay connected with zero electronic interference on their devices.

Customers who purchase the new film will receive a complimentary five-year e-warranty that covers replacement of film due to bubbling, peeling or blistering as well as 100 per cent of materials and labour. 3M Malaysia is currently offering the new 3M Scotchshield Crystalline Security AutoFilm at an introductory price starting from RM2880 for the first 100 customers.

There is also a contest happening between 1 March to 31 May 2016 where customers who tint their cars during that period stand a chance to win an in iPhone 6S or 3M AP DWS 1000 Water Filter.

Jerrica Leong